Leadership tips -The Hockey Professor

Leadership tips -The Hockey Professor

Leadership tips -The Hockey Professor

It is so important for all of us at any age, in many aspects of our lives to have a Dreams and Goals Program. The very essence of a Dreams and Goals program is for us to develop the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.

To get beyond our adversities and failures we must have;
1 - A Dream
2 - A systematic approach to achieving that Dream

The Dream is the Big Picture; What you really want to do or where you want to go (really bad).
Goals are the stairway to your dreams with time limits on each step .

Planning is the daily approach used to walk on these steps in a detailed and orderly fashion. We will be writing a separate column on planning at a later date.

There are some profound truths which are helpful when it comes time to define life forming DREAMS and GOALS
1 - Make certain your dreams are your own
2 - Make sure they benefit others

Different people have different Dreams: "We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizons". Our Dreams should be BIG and our Goals and Dreams clearly defined and written down .

Goal setting is perhaps the most vital and important skill of all Peak Performers and all high achieving and self motivated people. In every single study that has been done at Harvard, MIT, Cornell, the studies of Dr. David MacLellan, the studies of Abraham Maslow and other great Behavioral Scientists; Every single one of them agree on one single fact, and that is Every Peak performing man and woman is an obsessive goal setter. They are motivated by compelling internal Burning Goals.

Studies show that when a goal is programmed  into the brain, a cybernetic goal seeking function, almost like a heat seeking missle begins to move automatically and rapidly towards it's accomplishment. The human being has a built in goal setting mechanism.
Unless we have Goals we simply go around in circles with our lives and simply drift with the tide and end up nowhere .

When we set goals we go straight and true; we develop purpose, we develop direction, we develop focus and chanelled energy. We accomplish more in a short time than we can in years without goals .

Charley "Tremendous" Jones has an analogy which he uses. He says that every human being has both a failure mechanism and a success mechanism .... The failure mechanism goes off automatically; that in the absence of the Success Mechanism; people just automatically fail and  go nowhere with their lives. But he says the Success Mechanism is triggered by a goal ... Every time we think about a goal, talk about a goal, visualize a goal or write our goals down, we are pushing on the Success Mecanism and we are triggering ourselves towards High Accomplishments .

The great tragedy is; The Majority of people never think of this, even if they do, they lack the self confidence and belief to set goals and stay with them until they are accomplished .

The distingushing characteristic of all high performing men and women, more than anything else is Intensity of Purpose, the ability to set a clear burning purpose and commit themselves  to that purpose.

Multimillionaire Bunker Hunt who rose from a bankrupt cotton farmer at the age of 32 to become one of the richest men in the world; when asked what advice and reccomendations he would give to other people who want to be financially successful; He said "I've found it not difficult to be successful, there are only two things required: First of all you must decide exactly what it is you want to accomplish and secondly determine the price that you'll have to pay to accomplish what it is that you want and then resolve to pay that price and make the sacrifices that are necessary to accomplish it"

At Andrews Hockey Growth Programs we believe you were not born to be average, we were born to something Great with our lives. One of our Dreams is to tell this to everyone we work with and to do every thing in our power to help people, especially Young people to Dream Big and be all that they can be.

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Fantastisk innsats på Hamar, men det holdt ikke helt!

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jeg tror dette var den beste seiern i år.
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Husk barmarkstreningen nå i jula

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Takk til Jonas, Knut, Bjørnar, Claus, Sergie og Fru.Ellefsen for en fantastisk og uforglemmelig tur. Dere gjør virkelig alt for gutta våre + litt til.

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